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Lien and Asset Search Services

UCC Search & Filings

State Level Search
A state level UCC search is conducted through a designated state agency, typically the Secretary of State. The state level agency is generally a central repository for the filing of UCC documents. The UCC filing officer and filing location will vary from state to state.

County Level Search
Many states also require the filing of UCC documents to be done at the county level. The filing officer at the county level is usually the County Clerk. InfoMax can search any County Clerk records in the nation.

State & County UCC Filings
InfoMax has the ability to file and record documents in any jurisdiction in the nation. Send us your Uniform Commercial Code filings. We will personally deliver the documents to the filing officer and return the acknowledgment copy to you.

Landlord Lien Search
The county clerk's general index will be searched and all landlord liens listed under the subject's name will be reported. InfoMax has access to any county clerk office in the nation.

Court Eviction Search
InfoMax staff will search the appropriate court clerk docket and report any prior eviction or tenant/landlord disputes under the subject's name.

Tax Lien Search
The county clerk's general index, or in some states a designated state agency, will be searched for all federal or state tax liens levied against the subject, and report the results.

Judgement Search
The county clerk's general index will be searched for all judgments recorded, and report the results.

Grantor/Grantee Search
A search of the general index with be conducted under the grantor and grantee. The results will be reported. This search will provide information on all real estate transactions and other documents filed relating to the subject.

County Assessor Search
Given a subject name, InfoMax personnel will retrieve assessor's records and report the real property listed with the subject as "Owner of Record".

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