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Criminal History Investigations

Criminal Repository Check
There are 30 states that currently maintain statewide criminal repositories. InfoMax can readily access information from all 30 repositories. The District of Columbia also maintains a criminal repository for the entire district. The remainder of the states either do not have criminal repositories or have statutes or regulations restricting access to the information. A Criminal Repository Check is a good cursory look at criminal activity statewide.

Federal Court Record Check
Court records are the most reliable means of checking for criminal and civil activity. InfoMax has access to all federal court records throughout the nation. Federal court hears all federal civil and criminal cases. Our staff will search the court index for any cases under your subject's name and sometimes social security number. A report of results is provided to you with copies of all the case matter you require.

State Level Felony Court Record Check
Felony court is typically a state level court system administered by the state and usually districted. Criminal, Civil and Domestic Violence cases against the state are heard in this court. InfoMax has developed a nationwide network of both automated and manual felony court record research correspondents. This allows you immediate access to important court information by name or case-number. A felony court record check is very useful for establishing civil and criminal history.

Magistrate or County Level Court Record Check
Magistrate Court is typically a county level court system where misdemeanor offenses and lower dollar civil action occuring in the county jurisdiction are heard. This court is typically not a court of record and may have only one or two years of case history readily available. A magistrate court record check is very useful in evaluating current criminal or civil activity.

Municipal, Village or Tribal Court Records Check
Municipal Court, Metro,Village, or Tribal court where misdemeanor violations and low dollar civil action occuring in a municipality, local jurisdiction or on infraction of tribal law on tribal lands are heard. This court is typically not a court of record and may have only one or two years of case history readily available.

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